Description: iffdigest is a minimal, lightweight library for parsing the structure of EA-IFF-85 and RIFF-structured files in memory. (Examples of such files include .WAV files, AIFF files and SoundFonts.) It is written in C++ and uses the Standard Template Library, and is intended for easy inclusion into larger libraries or projects requiring IFF/RIFF file parsing.

Two demo programs (one which lists the chunks in a IFF/RIFF file and one which parses the metadata in a WAV file) are included.

Requirements:modern C++ compiler, STL, vaguely POSIX-like OS (ideally with memory-mapped I/O)
Download: iffdigest-0.3.tar.gz
README.txt -- the README file in the package
Revision history: 0.1 - initial version
0.2 - some tidying up, added ck_find method and some utility functions, as well as the wavtest example 0.3 - Added some utility functions for deciding byte-order-specific integers.